Tips from T Lashes on how to keep your lashes at their best with correct the love & care you can reuse your lashes up to 30 times

Treat Them With Love & Care
Be sure to handle your lashes with love & care, they are delicate and can tear. When removing them from their packaging do not use tweezers as this can damage the band and ruin your lashes. Gently push down on the band and slide the lash out.

Mascara Build Up
We all love a little mascara. However, excess build up on your lashes will cause the lashes to fall out and they will not last you as long as they should. If you would like to add the extra volume with mascara, apply mascara to your natural lash first allowing time for drying and then apply your eyelash. If you want the same look without the build-up of mascara use a little smudge brush and a dark eye shadow, pat the shadow beneath your natural lash to fill in any gaps between your natural lash and our Tlashes, thank me later.  

Removing Glue

 When it is time to remove your lashes, take a cotton stick with oil free makeup remover and dab it along the lash line to soften up the glue used to apply. After about 10-15 seconds gently slide the lash off, starting from one end of your lash line to the other. Try not to pull at the middle of the lash from its hairs.  Once the lash is off be sure to use the cotton stick to remove the remainder of the lash glue on your Tlashes.

Keep them clean

 After each wear place them back into their packaging to keep them from any dust. Remember they go onto your eyes, we do not want them to be dirty. If by chance you will like to clean your lashes take a spooly with your make up remover or a little water and gently clean each lash by brushing them downwards and in the natural direction of the lash. Be gentle and DO NOT soak the lashes in water as they have natural hair and it may ruin the curl.  Feel free to just brush with a dry spooly prior to application to fluff them out.